February 11, 2009

Plan for the next 6 months

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So, I just sent off my wonderful (cough – or less than wonderful – cough) thesis. I really should look forward and decide what I’m going to do to turn a half-done piece of work and everything I’ve learned in the last year into an interesting piece of research.

1 – Sort my literature out. I started using .pdf files in a directory structure, citeulike, and paper notes on the train. In the end, I have an unsorted BibTeX file with extra fields added in a less than systematic way. I think I like CiteSeerX better, as it seems to have better coverage of articles I think I should read. Regardless of the solution, I need put all of my notes and summaries together, and make sure I haven’t misplaced anything. That means I have to go though my files and my old notebooks.

2 – I need to take the conversations I’ve had recently with my officemates, and turn the one-minutes and ten-minute summaries of what I’ve done and what I’d like to do into something written on my web page, and something longer. The longer version, I should turn into a poster for Grace Hopper (or somewhere else appropriate in the fall?). I should also make my web page more than a placeholder – I have no excuse not to have at least my resume, some research details, and a link to this blog up. I have no excuse for not being able to intelligently summarize my research.

3. In the next month or two, plan the next study I’d like to do.

4. ??? I’ll have to think about this more. I know there’s a lot I want to accomplish, but I haven’t broken my big goals down into manageable chunks.

Somewhere along the line, I’d like to sit and do a coding project, too. Pretend I’m still a programmer, or something.

(And a bonus item – stop FireFox from crashing quite so often on me. Every time it auto-updates, it breaks itself on Vista and on Debian. Grrr.)


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  1. Neil said,

    I use bibsonomy for my references (absolutely essential to keep all your refs together), plus Tiddlywiki, a personal wiki, for my notes and random thoughts. Granted, not low-tech enough for the train. I also am a big fan of a personal SVN repo — Alan can set it up on Godzilla so it will be backed up.

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