March 16, 2009

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:50 pm by carolynresearch

Bibsonomy seems to be the best “handle your citations/references” tool out there, so I spent a couple hours trying to import my papers into it. It’s a good use of my slightly addled brain today – I am about ready to give up on my “I’m not sick” assertions.

I’m still figuring out Bibsonomy, but I’d be interested in the ability to see what papers others have found similar to one I’ve imported…say, what papers have other people tagged with the same keywords as my interesting paper?

Maybe I should ponder this a bit more when I’ve stopped taking decongestants, and make a concrete suggestion – it might even be possible in a way I can’t figure out.

Of course, that would require a critical mass of people using the site – given that I have username “carolyn”, I think it’s not there yet.


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