June 29, 2009

Quick status update

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:38 pm by carolynresearch

I’m really not good at updating this blog, so I’m going to make myself do a quick update.

Last week, I downloaded the CCSM and NCAR climate models, and spent a little time reading them, and a couple papers describing them. I also spent a day setting up version control. I don’t like GIT that much, but I can live with it.

This week, I’m going to continue looking through the models, partly just to get a better grip on FORTRAN. I’m going to start writing some code to try some of the “source code searching” and other natural language clustering techniques, and try to run them on a subset of the files. I guess I’ll start with LSI, and work through the different approaches which have had success.

Jon mentioned that we may be able to use the pfortran parser on its own, which would make it much easier to do the static analysis based clustering. I don’t yet have too much of a plan for this, but hopefully, I will soon.


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  1. One plan might be to create open source model that the games industry could draw upon.

    Species salvation only after a critical mass of citizens understand the problem and what must be done. Every kid should have a simulation twitch game that educates.


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